Hi, I am

Eric Wendel

Adaptive Learner, Aspiring Developer

Who Am I?

I am a student at Texas A&M University pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Business. I am currently seeking a full time graduate position as a software engineer. I plan to graduate in May 2023.

Education Is Power

I have been programming in school for more than 6 years. I have enjoyed math, science, and logical problem solving. I am proficient in C++ and Java, with moderate experience in Python and Javascript. I have limited experience with React, SQL, HTML, CSS, Haskell, Git, and Docker. I am prepared to learn beyond school.

Experience Is Valuable

I am proud to have worked for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Working in the High Performance Computing industry has not only expanded my programming knowledge but also improved my teamwork and communication skills. Working on large scale projects provides experience that school simply cannot offer. I strive to make a positive impact everywhere my career takes me.